Foxbot is a multi-purpose Discord bot written in Node.JS using the Discord.JS libraries.


Foxbot is a bot designed primarily around antiraid/moderation, but has been heavily expanded to include more fun/social features.
  • Social Features
    • Global Profile with XP
    • PC Specs profile
    • Music Player
    • Member Stats VCs
    • Welcome Messages
  • Moderation Features
    • Checkpoint
    • Antispam
    • Beautiful Config
    • Logging
    • Anti-advert

Adding to Your Server

Adding Foxbot to your server is very simple, head over to the Invite Link and select your server and permissions.
Interested in testing new features? Head over to the foxbot beta page to test new features
Please note that the documentation for some commands are still being created, but most of everything is here
Last modified 2yr ago