All of Foxbot's updates

Version 4.0 - 3/19/2020

(Phew, here we go!)
The new prefix for Foxbot stable is now f!


    Config - f!config - New configuration panel to enable/disable modules
    Modules - this includes Antispam, Level Up, Stats, Welcome, Bot Log, and Checkpoint
    Profile - f!profile - New social system profile that includes current Level and XP
    Weather - f!weather <location> - lets you check the current weather in the given location
    Join - f!join - new command for passing checkpoint (f!accept still a valid option)
    Music - f!play, f!stop, f!pause, f!queue, f!np - New commands for playing music in voice channels
    MongoDB - new database for reliable configuration, profile, and specs data storage


    Specs - added new 'Peripherals' section and many more company logos for hardware
    Warn - now based on an ID system, warnings get saved in the database and can be reported to the bot log
    Updated f!commands
    Updated f!help
    Updated f!userinfo
    Updated f!serverinfo
    Updated f!ping
    Updated f!info

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