All of Foxbot's updates

Version 4.0 - 3/19/2020

(Phew, here we go!)

The new prefix for Foxbot stable is now f!


  • Config - f!config - New configuration panel to enable/disable modules

  • Modules - this includes Antispam, Level Up, Stats, Welcome, Bot Log, and Checkpoint

  • Profile - f!profile - New social system profile that includes current Level and XP

  • Weather - f!weather <location> - lets you check the current weather in the given location

  • Join - f!join - new command for passing checkpoint (f!accept still a valid option)

  • Music - f!play, f!stop, f!pause, f!queue, f!np - New commands for playing music in voice channels

  • MongoDB - new database for reliable configuration, profile, and specs data storage


  • Specs - added new 'Peripherals' section and many more company logos for hardware

  • Warn - now based on an ID system, warnings get saved in the database and can be reported to the bot log

  • Updated f!commands

  • Updated f!help

  • Updated f!userinfo

  • Updated f!serverinfo

  • Updated f!ping

  • Updated f!info